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A New Economic Order

History reveals that 10,000 years ago, civilization created an economic system with taxes whereby citizens and businesses pay taxes to fund civilized government. This same system operates in every nation all over the world. Today, that system has expired. Dr. Patrick Amadasun has created A New Economic Order that is Tax-less – Citizens will pay no taxes; Businesses will pay no taxes. Yet, the new system adequately funds every government in the world. Read this book and see why you will never pay taxes again. Read this book and see why you will become independently wealthy. There is the Contentment factor. There is the Happiness Factor. There is an Expanded Stock Market. And, more!!! This new economic system does create an array of numerous possibilities for the enrichment of all nations and their citizens.It creates a specialized landscape that generates wealth for all nations and their peoples. It is a must read for all global citizens in various fields of study – including, but not limited to these fields: art, business, economics, finance, government, law, medicine, and the sciences. The world will never be the same again!!! The most innovative and creative business and economic book in the last several millennia!

Paperback: $99.99

Hardback: $169.99

This book findings were garnered from scientific evidence base research and proved that all current evolutionary theories as faulty. Darwin is wrong. Transmutation of Species is spurious. Natural Selection is misconstrued. Mendelian Genetic is fallacious. Population Genetic is erroneous. Molecular Biology is apocryphal. Gene-Centered view is defective. Sociobiology is unverified. Punctuated Equilibrium is fictitious. Macroevolution and Microevolution is mythical. Evolutionary biological theories will now be based on the new theories proffered in this book.  Man did not and could not have evolved from Apes. This is a must-read book for over 2.5 billion Christians and all students and scholars over the world. Evolution from cellular organisms to multicellular organisms never happened.

Paperback: $49.99

Hardback: $79.99

Evolution_ It Never Happened
Organizational Homeostasis

This is a reference work and handbook for students, scholars, business consultants, corporate leaders and managers, entrepreneurs, government leaders, and all small business owners. There are 40 million entrepreneurs in the USA and over one billion educated business persons in the world – Every one of these entrepreneurs must have this book to succeed. It is pure genius.  It is a classic. It is a Consultant Handbook. Organizational Homeostasis application in this book is a Game Changer for all businesses and corporations. Application of the Organizational Homeostasis mechanisms will ensure that your business survives. No more business failures. Your Business will have competitive advantage and serious innovation. This new Business Concept and Strategic Tool is the most innovative concept within the last 200 years.

Paperback: $69.99

Hardback: $99.99

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